Self-storage is for everyone who is in need of extra space for their items.  In fact, businesses of all kinds are now discovering the advantages of having extra space. Whether you have excess inventory or equipment, getting a self-storage unit for your business can be a perfect solution. Renting a self-storage unit, you can save space in your office, keep inventory secure and avoid the need for expensive warehouses. In this blog we will talk about a small sample of the many businesses that can enjoy the extra space that self-storage offers.

  1. Construction Companies – Your construction company may have large amounts of equipment that need to be stored, self-storage can provide you with a secure and convenient solution. By renting a self-storage unit, you will free up space on your job sites and keep your equipment safe. We also offer outside covered and uncovered parking for operable machinery.
  2. Home Staging – If you own a home staging business, it can be difficult to find space. Self-storage units can provide your business with flexibility for seasonal items or excess inventory. You won’t have to worry about long-term leases.
  3. Retail Stores – Similar to an online business, your retail store may face the issue of having limited storage or room for your growing business. Retailers regularly update their displays and promote holiday sales. In these situations, having a cost effective self-storage unit can help you. Self-storage allows you to store excess inventory and when your supplies are starting to run low, you can quickly restock without worrying about space.
  4. Restaurants – For the restaurant industries, it is crucial to have enough space for your dining areas. Self-storage can help with storing extra furniture, holiday decorations, kitchen supplies, and janitorial supplies.
  5. Sales Representatives – Sales representatives are constantly on the move, they are constantly lugging around samples and promotion materials. Storage facilities are perfect for temporarily storing sales items between moves.

Self-storage solutions can provide businesses of all kinds with extra space, security, and convenience. By renting a self-storage unit, you can free up space, keep items organized, and operate your business more efficiently. Milt’s Mini Storage is here for your storage needs with secured access, affordable prices, and month to month leases. Contact us today to learn more!