Managing your business can become overwhelming, and whether you have a team or you are solo, a commercial self storage can help that overwhelming feeling. If you are a small business seeking more space in your home office or a large business, choose Milt’s Mini Storage. We are here to make your commercial self storage experience hassle-free.

  1. Why do you need commercial storage?
    1. Renting a commercial self storage unit can offer you a significant cost benefit compared to a regular warehouse or office space. Renting a storage unit is much more affordable ranging from about $42 per month for a smaller storage unit. Getting a storage unit can help improve efficiency and optimize cost.
  2. What you can store in a commercial storage unit?
    1. Office Supplies/Inventory – Office supplies or inventory can occupy valuable space in areas that you can better utilize. We recommend storing your items in bins with labels and create a shelving system to help keep your items in order. You can categorize your items by type and is also beneficial for maintaining your commercial storage unit.
    2. Documents and Records – Old document or employee files can quickly occupy necessary space. Climate controlled storage units are ideal for documents and records. When you get exposure to sunlight, moisture, and the different seasons can damage your documents beyond repair.
    3. Seasonal Decorations – A commercial storage unit can help you keep your seasonal decorations clutter-free. We recommend using different storage bins for the different seasons and arrange the individual items into groups.
    4. Electronics and Computer Equipment – Storing unused office furniture, electronics, appliances, and other equipment can be put in a commercial storage unit. Relocating those bulkier items can help clear up necessary space. We recommend putting items like – computers, phones, or printers – in a climate controlled storage unit. Putting these items in a climate controlled storage unit can help protect it from potential damage.
  3. Commercial Self Storage Features
    1. Milt’s Mini Storage is here to help you better understand that the safety of your property is your top priority as you begin to declutter, renovate, or moving. Our self storage facilities offer an array of amenities including gated access, keypad entry, on-site live-in manager, and 24-hour video footage. We also offer climate controlled units and affordable storage.

Commercial self storage units from Milt’s Mini Storage offer small and large businesses a solution to maximize your space. We are here to help clean up your workspace and boost your productivity with our storage units. Let us help support your business growth with the extra room. Contact us today to rent or reserve a storage unit near you and be sure to ask what we have to offer.

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Julia Lathan