As we get to the Spring months, college will be coming to an end! Keeping a dorm room organized and moving out after a long college year can be difficult. Self-storage provides the perfect solution to keeping it organized and ready for the next semester. Milt’s Mini Storage has a variety of self-storage units and sizes. Here is how self-storage can help you tackle the challenge of cleaning out your dorm room and preparing for summer!

  • It saves time and money – College students take many breaks during the school year and moving expenses can add up over time. Self-storage is a more cost-effective solution when trying to store your belongings. It not only saves money, but also time as you don’t have to keep loading up your car or parents’ home.
  • It lets you conquer your dorm – Most colleges don’t allow you to store your belongings in the dorm during break. Student storage also comes in handy during the school year to keep specific valuables out of the dorms.
  • Saves space back home – When students bring home their belongings, it can start to become crowded with all their stuff. If the parents have turned their kid’s bedroom into their hobby center, those belongings will only clutter that space. Putting items into storage can reduce the amount of clutter while the kids are home on break.

Storage units benefit college students and parents in the Omaha metro. They give the students a way to keep their belongings near campus and keep their parents’ house clutter free. They come in many different sizes. Storage units work well for storing small school supplies to computer desks to furniture during the semester. Milt’s Mini Storage is here for your storage needs with secure access, affordable prices, and month to month leases. Contact us today to learn more!