When you start the process of moving into your new home, the actual processing of moving can become stressful and you want the ultimate guide to avoid injuries when moving. This is a time filled with anticipation and could mean the achievement of a milestone or the fulfillment of a dream. The moving day can easily start to become chaos and overwhelming. We want the relocation process to be smooth and easy. A thought out moving strategy and preparation prior to your moving day can reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Awareness of the possible types of injuries during a move
    • Make sure you understand the awareness of the types of injuries can help in taking the appropriate measures to prevent them, here is a list of the most common injuries that occur during a move:
      • Cuts and scrapes
      • Sprained ankle
      • Muscle tear/cramp/strain
      • Shoulder or neck injury
      • Broken finger or toes
      • Back injuries
    • All of these can become scary and unpleasant and must be avoid at all cost. The good part is that you can avoid any or all injuries from occurring with preparation.
  • Pack Wisely
    • To help avoid accidents or injuries keep in mind the following tips while packing for a safe move:
      • Label and list the contents of what is inside the box to help understand how to handle the boxes.
      • Utilize good quality boxes and tape, also ensure that the boxes are well taped at the bottom.
      • Make sure fragile items are packed securely, if they are protected then it can help you dodge injuries like cuts and scrapes from broken glass. You can use bubble wrap to protect your fragile items.
      • Avoid packing too much into one box, if you pack too much then the box is at risk of breaking and losing the contents of the box.
    • Preparing your surroundings
      • First is to make sure that the path that you will be taking is free of obstacles. Check your outdoor space as well for any branches or shrubs that could be in the way. Also check for any water puddles, ice, or snow.
      • Make sure certain items like knifes, scissors, and screwdrivers are out of the way because it can become hazardous if it is in the wrong place.
      • Attach sliders on the bottom of big items, like appliances, to make the job of pushing or pulling easier on you.
    • During the move
      • Remember to bend your knees! Make sure you keep your load balance close to your body. Ensure that you can see the path ahead of you before carrying something and moving.
      • Use equipment, like a dolly, to help move around the big items and multiple boxes at a time. This can help minimize the strains on your body and make the day go by smoothly.
      • Utilize blankets and padding supplies, this can help things that move or break become less hazardous when transferring from one area to the next.

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