What Not to Store in A Self Storage Units

Storage is a great way to save space and remove clutter, but here are some items that do not belong in a storage unit. If you think of storage units can be used for personal dumping ground where anything and everything goes, think again. Here is a list of items we recommend not storing in your storage unit.

  • Perishables – Perishables are food items that can become expired. While we know you do not plan on storing refrigerated items but some people have stored other types of food items before. Items like canned food seem like a good idea but due to their expiration they can become unseen or forgotten.
  • Gas powered items – Though storage can be the perfect place for your gas powered items, they can start to become caustic or poisonous. If you plan on storing these items, make sure to keep away from the other items you want to store.
  • Medicine – Typically if you want to store medicine a climate controlled storage units are the perfect place for you, but it can be like the perishable items. They can start to become bad and make the medicine unusable.
  • Plants – You can store fake plants but when it comes to real plants the different seasons, airflow, and no sunlight can cause the plants to die. If someone gives you a plant as a gift, make sure that the plant is fake before storing it in your storage unit.

Milt’s Mini Storage is here to help all of our customer’s self storage needs. If you would like to learn more about our storage unit services and our policies on storing certain items do not hesitate to call us today. We want to make sure your moving process goes by smoothly and efficiently, here at Milt’s Mini Storage we want to help your move. Milt’s Mini Storage® offers self-storage units, at a reasonable and fair price.

How to Manage Your Self Storage Costs

Many people chose to rent a self storage unit in Omaha, Nebraska to prevent them from selling their items and creating a budget for your self storage unit. Creating this budget for your self storage unit can assist you in giving an outline of what you except to pay and how long you are planning on renting. Many people often forget about renting a storage unit and results in paying a larger number all at once. Here are some tips for setting up you Milt’s Mini Storage budget:

  • Understand why you need a self storage unit – Here are some questions that will help you better determine why you are needing a self storage unit.
    • Are you needing temporary or long-term storage? If you are temporarily relocating or needing to store your items long term? If you are planning for temporary storage, you may want to rent a self storage unit only for the duration of the project. For long term storage plan out how long you want to keep a storage unit.
    • Are you downsizing? You may need a larger self storage unit since downsizing means keeping things in a storage unit for a longer period of time.
    • Are you going through a life changing decision? Life can change at any moment and we often want to change. Whether you want to move or going through a significant life event, you will need a storage unit to store you items safely.
  • See what you want to store – Here at Milt’s Mini Storage, we offer a variety of different sized units for the variety of items you have. If you know exactly what you want to store this can help determine the right self storage unit and setting your budget.
  • Decide the duration you are planning on renting – Leases are month to month here at Milt’s Mini Storage, but to better plan out your budget you will need to determine how long you are planning on renting your self storage unit.

At Milt’s Mini Storage, our self storage units are safe, affordable, and climate-controlled to help maintain the protection of your items. We have a variety of units that will fit your needs and the features you are looking for. All of our storage units are monitored 24/7 by cameras and are located in a gated area with perimeter alarms. Call your local Milt’s Mini Storage® today!

The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Injuries During a Move

When you start the process of moving into your new home, the actual processing of moving can become stressful and you want the ultimate guide to avoid injuries when moving. This is a time filled with anticipation and could mean the achievement of a milestone or the fulfillment of a dream. The moving day can easily start to become chaos and overwhelming. We want the relocation process to be smooth and easy. A thought out moving strategy and preparation prior to your moving day can reduce the risk of injuries.

  • Awareness of the possible types of injuries during a move
    • Make sure you understand the awareness of the types of injuries can help in taking the appropriate measures to prevent them, here is a list of the most common injuries that occur during a move:
      • Cuts and scrapes
      • Sprained ankle
      • Muscle tear/cramp/strain
      • Shoulder or neck injury
      • Broken finger or toes
      • Back injuries
    • All of these can become scary and unpleasant and must be avoid at all cost. The good part is that you can avoid any or all injuries from occurring with preparation.
  • Pack Wisely
    • To help avoid accidents or injuries keep in mind the following tips while packing for a safe move:
      • Label and list the contents of what is inside the box to help understand how to handle the boxes.
      • Utilize good quality boxes and tape, also ensure that the boxes are well taped at the bottom.
      • Make sure fragile items are packed securely, if they are protected then it can help you dodge injuries like cuts and scrapes from broken glass. You can use bubble wrap to protect your fragile items.
      • Avoid packing too much into one box, if you pack too much then the box is at risk of breaking and losing the contents of the box.
    • Preparing your surroundings
      • First is to make sure that the path that you will be taking is free of obstacles. Check your outdoor space as well for any branches or shrubs that could be in the way. Also check for any water puddles, ice, or snow.
      • Make sure certain items like knifes, scissors, and screwdrivers are out of the way because it can become hazardous if it is in the wrong place.
      • Attach sliders on the bottom of big items, like appliances, to make the job of pushing or pulling easier on you.
    • During the move
      • Remember to bend your knees! Make sure you keep your load balance close to your body. Ensure that you can see the path ahead of you before carrying something and moving.
      • Use equipment, like a dolly, to help move around the big items and multiple boxes at a time. This can help minimize the strains on your body and make the day go by smoothly.
      • Utilize blankets and padding supplies, this can help things that move or break become less hazardous when transferring from one area to the next.

We want to make sure your moving process goes by smoothly and efficiently, here at Milt’s Mini Storage we want to help your move. Milt’s Mini Storage® offers self-storage units, at a reasonable and fair price. All of our storage units are monitored 24/7 by cameras and are located in a gated area with perimeter alarms. Call your local Milt’s Mini Storage® TODAY!

Why You Need A Commercial Self Storage

Managing your business can become overwhelming, and whether you have a team or you are solo, a commercial self storage can help that overwhelming feeling. If you are a small business seeking more space in your home office or a large business, choose Milt’s Mini Storage. We are here to make your commercial self storage experience hassle-free.

  1. Why do you need commercial storage?
    1. Renting a commercial self storage unit can offer you a significant cost benefit compared to a regular warehouse or office space. Renting a storage unit is much more affordable ranging from about $42 per month for a smaller storage unit. Getting a storage unit can help improve efficiency and optimize cost.
  2. What you can store in a commercial storage unit?
    1. Office Supplies/Inventory – Office supplies or inventory can occupy valuable space in areas that you can better utilize. We recommend storing your items in bins with labels and create a shelving system to help keep your items in order. You can categorize your items by type and is also beneficial for maintaining your commercial storage unit.
    2. Documents and Records – Old document or employee files can quickly occupy necessary space. Climate controlled storage units are ideal for documents and records. When you get exposure to sunlight, moisture, and the different seasons can damage your documents beyond repair.
    3. Seasonal Decorations – A commercial storage unit can help you keep your seasonal decorations clutter-free. We recommend using different storage bins for the different seasons and arrange the individual items into groups.
    4. Electronics and Computer Equipment – Storing unused office furniture, electronics, appliances, and other equipment can be put in a commercial storage unit. Relocating those bulkier items can help clear up necessary space. We recommend putting items like – computers, phones, or printers – in a climate controlled storage unit. Putting these items in a climate controlled storage unit can help protect it from potential damage.
  3. Commercial Self Storage Features
    1. Milt’s Mini Storage is here to help you better understand that the safety of your property is your top priority as you begin to declutter, renovate, or moving. Our self storage facilities offer an array of amenities including gated access, keypad entry, on-site live-in manager, and 24-hour video footage. We also offer climate controlled units and affordable storage.

Commercial self storage units from Milt’s Mini Storage offer small and large businesses a solution to maximize your space. We are here to help clean up your workspace and boost your productivity with our storage units. Let us help support your business growth with the extra room. Contact us today to rent or reserve a storage unit near you and be sure to ask what we have to offer.

Can Self Storage Really Help You Redesign Your Home?

Are you thinking about redesigning your home, here are some tips on why self storage is the perfect way to help you redesign your home. Starting a home renovation project can be exciting, but it can also bring many challenges. Throughout this blog, Milt’s Mini Storage is here to provide a solution to homeowners undergoing home renovations.

  1. Renting a self storage unit for your new furniture and fixtures:
    • Some of the most exciting things when you are planning a home renovation is getting new furniture and fixtures. However, you may find that you don’t have enough space to put your new items without getting them ruined. A self storage facility can help you save valuable space in your home and provide a secure environment for your new furniture. A climate controlled storage unit is a perfect solution to storing your delicate furniture and décor items.
  2. Declutter your space to help you visualize your new space:
    • When it comes to renovating, your home can start to become cluttered and items start to pile up while collecting dust. To make your vision come alive you need to have a clear space to see your vision. An easy way to start decluttering is to sort your items into separate piles: store, donate, sell, and toss.
  3. Keeping your valuables safe and tucked away:
    • When you start to renovate often workers have access to areas of your home and can occasionally put your valuable items at risk. At Milt’s Mini Storage, you can secure your valuable items in a safe place to avoid them from getting lost, damaged, or stolen. A self storage unit is also a great place to keep your fragile items from breaking during construction.

Milt’s Mini Storage can help you navigate your home renovation in Omaha and Bellevue, Nebraska. Whether you want to store new purchases, secure your valuables or creating DIY projects, we have self storage units in many sizes to fit your needs. Use our size guide to determine the perfect size unit for you. You may find that you only need a small space and we have you covered for all sizes and any of our 8 self-storage locations. From our smallest size to our biggest size, we are here for all your self-storage needs. Contact Milt’s Mini Storage today and let our managers help you find the perfect self-storage unit for you and your belongings.

Milt’s Mini Storage 50th Anniversary Celebration Giveaway

We are going to be celebrating Milt’s Mini Storage 50th anniversary with a Celebration Giveaway. Your location will be giving away 4 prizes including a 50” smart TV, 5th Gen Echo Dot, JBL wireless headphones, and a $50 Amazon gift card. We will be announcing 4 winners per location on July 17th, 2024 at 3:00pm on our F street location Facebook page.

Disclaimer: To qualify or be eligible for this giveaway tenants must be a current tenant and your account(s) must be in good standing and rent must be current.

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The Most Useful Moving Supplies for You

How do you know what supplies are the most useful to you? The way to prepare yourself for a successful move to is to gather the supplies that are most useful to you. Depending on if you are moving out of your home or an office, will help determine the amount of supplies you will be needing. Here is what we think are the most useful moving supplies and how Milt’s Mini Storage can help you.

  • Benefits of Moving Supplies
    • Using moving supplies can help keep your items protected while being easily transported to its new location. When it comes to packing we know how difficult it can be and with the right supplies moving can go by smoothly. From bed frames to couches to dressers, your moving supplies will protect your items from damage or harmful weather during the move.
      • Here are some items we recommend:
        • Boxes
        • Packing Tape
        • Blankets
        • Mattress or Sofa Covers
        • Bubble Wrap
        • Budge Cords
      • Create a Checklist
        • Before you start packing start to write down a checklist with all the moving supplies you will need. It is likely that you have some items that you will need but, there might be some essential packing supplies that you don’t have. Making a checklist will help your move go by smoothly and productive.
      • How many boxes are you needing?
        • The most common supply you need for moving is the boxes and you might not know how many you need. It can start to become pricey when you look into buying cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are get if you plan on just moving from place to place but, if you choose to store items in storage units they may not be the best purchase for long-term. When considering to store your items in a storage unit, a plastic container with lids are the best for protection.

After you are set with all your moving supplies, reference our space calculator to determine what size storage unit is perfect for you. If you are considering looking into a storage facility, look at what Milt’s Mini Storage has to offer. Milt’s Mini Storage has all the necessary storage features including secured gate access, on-site live-in manager, security cameras, and affordable storage. Call today to see what storage units we have available! Call today to see what storage units we have available!

Is Downsizing Right for You in 2024?

Looking at downsizing your space in 2024, we are here to help you get your home into shape and overall declutter your life. By using a storage unit from Milt’s Mini Storage, you can declutter your space, get more space and spend less money. Here are some ways to declutter your home in 2024:

  1. Separate your belongings in three different piles.
    • We recommend separating your belongings into three different piles: items you need or make you happy, items that can be sold or donated, and items that need to be thrown away. With these three piles it will make the process of decluttering your home easy. For the items that make you happy, you will need to determine how urgent you will need them to be because you can either keep them at home or for those that aren’t frequently needed can be stored in a storage unit. As you are putting items aside for storage, document those items on a list because it will come in handy when looking for them in your storage unit.
  1. Consider storage facilities features when decluttering
    • When you are looking into decluttering your home and trying to find a storage unit to hold all your belongings, you can select the right storage features to help protect them. For an example, if you are needing to store older family photos or documents, you will need to look into climate control. When looking for features of a storage facility look for; security camera, secured gate access, onsite manager, and financially stable for you. Now if you are decluttering a large amount of items, a feature you should be looking for is a storage unit with drive up access.
  1. Final tips to help you declutter
    • The last important thing about decluttering is that you are not simply out to move your clutter to a storage unit, but to use the storage unit to store and organize all your belongings. If you plan on storing a lot, avoid stacking boxes over your shoulder to avoid any boxes from falling. You can use Milt’s Mini Storage’s space calculator to help determine what size is perfect for you and the items you are needing to store.

The past couple years have been rough, getting out of the clutter can be difficult and can get out of control. Milt’s Mini Storage is here for your storage needs and can give you all the space you need for moving forward in the next phase of your life. Milt’s Mini Storage has all the necessary storage features including secured gate access, on-site live-in manager, security cameras, and affordable storage. Call today to see what storage units we have available!

How to Make the Most of Self Storage as a College Student

Here come the next steps in life after high school and some tips on when to use self storage unit for you. College is an exciting time from trying to find your major to finding a place to get all your items between semesters. With the right storage facility, students can strategize from having the headaches of what to do with their items. Here are some reasons that self-storage is a college student’s best kept secret.

  • Summer and Winter Break
    • Take everything home from your dorm room can be a hassle and inconvenient during your summer and winter break. Self-storage doesn’t fully remove the process of packing and unpacking but it does help lessen the burden of having to move the same items every time. Don’t worry about getting tied down to a storage facility because many storage facilities offer month to month leases. They will have you covered whether you are only needing it for summer or winter break, with no more cramming items into your car. Storage facilities are here to make your breaks breezy with being able to keep your items close to you.
  • Studying Aboard
    • Getting the opportunity to study in another county is amazing, but that can bring to the table – what do I do with my college items? Putting your items in a storage unit is helping make sure that your items are secure and out of your family or friends way. Month to month leases help make sure you aren’t stuck paying for a storage when you don’t need it. Self-storage is cheaper than keeping your apartment or dorm for just storage purposes.
  • Transitioning Between Apartment/Dorms
    • One semester you are in a dorm, and the next, possibly moving into an apartment with roommates. Moving day can already be a headache, having a storage unit helps you move your items in stages. Self-storage facilities are here to help that process easier and help give your items a temporary home.
  • Decluttering Your Dorm Room or Apartment
    • Given the tight quarters in your dorm room, it can start to become cluttered faster without you realizing it. Between the textbooks, winter items, and some impulsive buys you start to notice it getting crowed. Picking a storage facility near you can help you grab the items you need.
  • Vehicle Storage
    • Are you tired of driving around campus to find a parking spot? Parking fees can also be a huge factor, the pricing keeps going up. There are storage options for all your vehicle needs. There are storage places with outdoor covered and uncovered parking for half the price of a parking permit at the school.

Self storage for college students just simply makes sense because it gives you the solution to keeping your items close. If you are looking for additional space, we recommend going over the basics of self storage and follow our tips. Milt’s Mini Storage can give you all the space you need for moving forward in the next phase of your life. Milt’s Mini Storage has all the necessary storage features including secured gate access, on-site live-in manager, security cameras, and affordable storage. Call today to see what storage units we have available!

How to Find a Storage Unit Size for an Apartment

Are you unsure of what size unit you are needing for your one-bedroom apartment, well we are here to help you get an idea of what size storage unit you will need. Whether you are downsizing or a first time renter, you will soon come face to face with a short supply in storage. Here with Milt’s Mini Storage, we can help you reclaim your space without compromising the items that matter to you.

  • How to decide on the right storage size got your one-bedroom apartment
    • We take pride in helping our customers with our wide range of storage unit sizes. We understand that we have a range of different sized units and it can become overwhelming. We want you to find the perfect match for your needs and budget, you can use our self-storage size guide.
  • What fits in a 5×10 storage unit?
    • A 5×10 storage unit is about the size of a walk-in closet, this unit is ideal for the belongings from a dorm room, one-bedroom apartment, or any small living. Anything from a queen sized bed, small appliances, and several boxes of personal items can all fit comfortably in the storage unit.
  • Is a 5×15 big enough for you?
    • A 5×15 is the next size up, this size helps provide additional space suitable for the items you don’t use on the daily. We recommend a 5×15 storage unit to those who have a little bit more to store.
  • How big is a 10×10 storage unit?
    • A 10×10 storage unit gives you an extra 25 square feet from a 5×15 storage unit. When renting a 10×10 storage unit and helps give you the convenience of having a wide roll-up door and double the size of a smaller unit. The larger door allows for effortless movement of bigger items and having to navigate tight corners or cramped entryways.

Everyone’s storage needs are different, and they often change over time because you either get more items or sell them. You may find that you only need a small space and we have you covered for all sizes and any of our 8 self-storage locations. From our smallest size to our biggest size, we are here for all your self-storage needs. Contact Milt’s Mini Storage today and let our managers help you find the perfect self-storage unit for you and your belongings.