Are you thinking about redesigning your home, here are some tips on why self storage is the perfect way to help you redesign your home. Starting a home renovation project can be exciting, but it can also bring many challenges. Throughout this blog, Milt’s Mini Storage is here to provide a solution to homeowners undergoing home renovations.

  1. Renting a self storage unit for your new furniture and fixtures:
    • Some of the most exciting things when you are planning a home renovation is getting new furniture and fixtures. However, you may find that you don’t have enough space to put your new items without getting them ruined. A self storage facility can help you save valuable space in your home and provide a secure environment for your new furniture. A climate controlled storage unit is a perfect solution to storing your delicate furniture and décor items.
  2. Declutter your space to help you visualize your new space:
    • When it comes to renovating, your home can start to become cluttered and items start to pile up while collecting dust. To make your vision come alive you need to have a clear space to see your vision. An easy way to start decluttering is to sort your items into separate piles: store, donate, sell, and toss.
  3. Keeping your valuables safe and tucked away:
    • When you start to renovate often workers have access to areas of your home and can occasionally put your valuable items at risk. At Milt’s Mini Storage, you can secure your valuable items in a safe place to avoid them from getting lost, damaged, or stolen. A self storage unit is also a great place to keep your fragile items from breaking during construction.

Milt’s Mini Storage can help you navigate your home renovation in Omaha and Bellevue, Nebraska. Whether you want to store new purchases, secure your valuables or creating DIY projects, we have self storage units in many sizes to fit your needs. Use our size guide to determine the perfect size unit for you. You may find that you only need a small space and we have you covered for all sizes and any of our 8 self-storage locations. From our smallest size to our biggest size, we are here for all your self-storage needs. Contact Milt’s Mini Storage today and let our managers help you find the perfect self-storage unit for you and your belongings.

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Julia Lathan