The process of moving homes can be difficult especially when you plan on moving into a smaller place. Whether you are retiring, getting a smaller place, or wanting to become more minimalist, downsizing is one of those things that can take time. Here are some tips on different ways to downsize your home and embrace living simple.

  • Let Your Lifestyle Guide You
    • If you plan on downsizing your home that means there is going to be a lifestyle change, and change is good. With change it can be hard to say goodbye to items, like sending your kid to college and aren’t ready to let go of their childhood items. If you are retiring and wanting to devote your time to traveling or hobbies, it is best to identify the items you’ll need when prioritizing your new passions. You can still effectively downsize your home by opting for a self-storage unit for items you don’t need on a day to day basis.
  • Think Before You Buy
    • Moving can present the opportunity to buying new items for your new place to get a “fresh start” and making your new home feel like home. For every item you buy, you have to find items that are equivalent to items your currently own. Of course your smaller space will need items that fit perfectly in the new space, like getting a smaller couch or a small storage system. Getting a storage unit can help your storage those bulkier items away when you are trying to sell or gift them.
  • Start Downsizing Early
    • Downsizing is not the time to procrastinate, the key to efficiently start organizing and downsizing is to start early. It can become overwhelming and stressful, so having an idea of what items you are wanting to get rid of early on can help the process go by smoothly.

Downsizing can be difficult but letting your lifestyle guide you, thinking before you buy, and starting to downsize early can help make the process easier. Milt’s Mini Storage is here for your downsizing needs, whether you are needing a place to store your valuable items, items you plan on selling, or place to put your hobbies. Milt’s Mini Storage has all the necessary storage features including secured gate access, on-site live-in manager, security cameras, and affordable storage. Call today to see what storage units we have available!

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Julia Lathan