When the seasons change, you find different items that you need to store or find a safe place to put without ruining them. Most people think that self-storage is for when you are moving or decluttering but, whether you are cleaning your garage or clearing out a spare space self-storage is the perfect solution for you. At the end of the winter season, you need space for your winter equipment and Christmas decoration, but when the spring season starts to come you are now ready for spring cleaning. Here are some tips to help when using self-storage during the seasons:

  1. Spring cleaning made easy for you
    1. At the end of winter when the days slowly start to get warmer and sunnier, you need a place to store your heavy coats and winter equipment. Spring is the perfect time to start decluttering your apartment or home and organize your living space. This is where Milt’s Mini Storage comes in, because our self-storage units provide a convenient and secure solution to storing your items during your spring cleaning. Best storage for the changing seasons is climate control, as the weather starts to change climate control is the best solution to keep your items protected from the temperatures.
  2. Fall into Self-storage
    1. After the Spring and Summer, here comes the arrival of Fall, there is a need to switch out your wardrobe for the cozy boots and coats. Self-storage is the perfect solution for keeping your summer clothes and linen in the off season. Climate controlled storage units can protect your delicate fabric from the harsh fall and winter cold. If you to store your summer toys, our Bellevue location located on 2715 Chandler Road West has storage for your RVs, boats, and other recreational vehicles that you could own.
  3. Winter Wonderland of Self-Storage
    1. Winter brings the challenge of finding a space to store all your winter essentials. From the amount of winter clothes to seasonal decorations, your home can start to become overcrowded and messy. This is where storage comes in because, whether you are storing your winter coat to your Christmas tree, the organization of your home is the most important key to organization.

Here at Milt’s Mini Storage, we are the solution to your storage needs. Whether it is personal, business, or vehicle, we are here for all your needs. Milt’s Mini Storage can keep your belongings safe and secure with gated access, 24/7 security cameras, and on-site live-in manager. From spring cleaning to the winter wonderland, our self-storage units are designed to keep your items in top condition.

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Julia Lathan