Have you ever been faced with the task of cleaning out your self-storage unit, you know how daunting it can be. Regardless of the different circumstances, it is no secret that decluttering and cleaning can be a hassle and not an exciting task. Are you needing to get rid of some items in your storage unit? Here is a guide on how to declutter and clean out the unwanted items in your storage unit.

  1. Preparing to Clean Out Your Storage Unit
    1. Take Inventory – The first thing you should do when decluttering or cleaning out your unit because it is the best way to know what items you are storing and what items that you know what to get rid of. Here are some tips to help you take inventory:
      1. Jot down what items you see – Make sure to have a pen and paper to write down what items you can see without having to sort everything.
      2. Estimate – Without having to move items, estimate how many items you have by taking the first step. Next note how many items you can move without needing help and estimate how long you think it will take.
  • Look inside available boxes – Open as many boxes or totes that you can and take a quick inventory of what items are inside them if they are not labeled. Make quick notes on the fragile, valuable, or significant.
  1. Enlist Help and Determine a Day
    1. To lessen the chances of getting stressed during the clean out or decluttering process, prepare yourself for what is to come. Pick a time that works best for you, make sure that you have the supplies needed; garbage bags, labels, markers, totes, and moving supplies. Recruiting help can make the process of decluttering and cleaning go by faster. Before cleaning out your unit, here are some items to think about:
      1. How many people do you need to help? Once you find out how many items you have, you can determine how many hands you will need to help you. Ask for help in advance to make sure that the day you have selected works for everyone.
      2. How much time do you need? Most self-storage storage facilities have a time limit on when you can be on the property. Break everything down into tasks and plan out how long one task will take. Remember that it might take a couple days of cleaning or decluttering, this will depend on the size of your self-storage unit.
  • Do you have an emotional attachment to your items? When cleaning out your self-storage unit, you can come across sentimental items. Take time going through those items and when you come across those items it can become emotional, so take your time and don’t rush.
  1. Cleaning Out Your Unit
    1. Once you know what you are getting yourself into, here are the next steps to take when cleaning out your self-storage unit:
      1. Sort your items into categories with the four category declutter method:
        1. Keep Box – include items you can remove from your storage unit and bring home.
        2. Store Box – Items that you want to continue to store; like holiday items or seasonal décor.
        3. Sell Box – Items you plan to sell or donate.
        4. Toss Box – This is items that you do not need anymore and are completely broken beyond repair.

Cleaning out and decluttering your self-storage unit can be a major undertaking. Whether you are getting started or picking up where you left off, this blog can help you understand the details of how to clean or declutter your self-storage unit. Milt’s Mini Storage is here to help with your storage needs, whether you need help decluttering or finding a unit size that is perfect for you. Call today to see what we have to offer!

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Julia Lathan