How do you know what supplies are the most useful to you? The way to prepare yourself for a successful move to is to gather the supplies that are most useful to you. Depending on if you are moving out of your home or an office, will help determine the amount of supplies you will be needing. Here is what we think are the most useful moving supplies and how Milt’s Mini Storage can help you.

  • Benefits of Moving Supplies
    • Using moving supplies can help keep your items protected while being easily transported to its new location. When it comes to packing we know how difficult it can be and with the right supplies moving can go by smoothly. From bed frames to couches to dressers, your moving supplies will protect your items from damage or harmful weather during the move.
      • Here are some items we recommend:
        • Boxes
        • Packing Tape
        • Blankets
        • Mattress or Sofa Covers
        • Bubble Wrap
        • Budge Cords
      • Create a Checklist
        • Before you start packing start to write down a checklist with all the moving supplies you will need. It is likely that you have some items that you will need but, there might be some essential packing supplies that you don’t have. Making a checklist will help your move go by smoothly and productive.
      • How many boxes are you needing?
        • The most common supply you need for moving is the boxes and you might not know how many you need. It can start to become pricey when you look into buying cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes are get if you plan on just moving from place to place but, if you choose to store items in storage units they may not be the best purchase for long-term. When considering to store your items in a storage unit, a plastic container with lids are the best for protection.

After you are set with all your moving supplies, reference our space calculator to determine what size storage unit is perfect for you. If you are considering looking into a storage facility, look at what Milt’s Mini Storage has to offer. Milt’s Mini Storage has all the necessary storage features including secured gate access, on-site live-in manager, security cameras, and affordable storage. Call today to see what storage units we have available! Call today to see what storage units we have available!

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