Looking at downsizing your space in 2024, we are here to help you get your home into shape and overall declutter your life. By using a storage unit from Milt’s Mini Storage, you can declutter your space, get more space and spend less money. Here are some ways to declutter your home in 2024:

  1. Separate your belongings in three different piles.
    • We recommend separating your belongings into three different piles: items you need or make you happy, items that can be sold or donated, and items that need to be thrown away. With these three piles it will make the process of decluttering your home easy. For the items that make you happy, you will need to determine how urgent you will need them to be because you can either keep them at home or for those that aren’t frequently needed can be stored in a storage unit. As you are putting items aside for storage, document those items on a list because it will come in handy when looking for them in your storage unit.
  1. Consider storage facilities features when decluttering
    • When you are looking into decluttering your home and trying to find a storage unit to hold all your belongings, you can select the right storage features to help protect them. For an example, if you are needing to store older family photos or documents, you will need to look into climate control. When looking for features of a storage facility look for; security camera, secured gate access, onsite manager, and financially stable for you. Now if you are decluttering a large amount of items, a feature you should be looking for is a storage unit with drive up access.
  1. Final tips to help you declutter
    • The last important thing about decluttering is that you are not simply out to move your clutter to a storage unit, but to use the storage unit to store and organize all your belongings. If you plan on storing a lot, avoid stacking boxes over your shoulder to avoid any boxes from falling. You can use Milt’s Mini Storage’s space calculator to help determine what size is perfect for you and the items you are needing to store.

The past couple years have been rough, getting out of the clutter can be difficult and can get out of control. Milt’s Mini Storage is here for your storage needs and can give you all the space you need for moving forward in the next phase of your life. Milt’s Mini Storage has all the necessary storage features including secured gate access, on-site live-in manager, security cameras, and affordable storage. Call today to see what storage units we have available!

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Julia Lathan