Self storage can be a great way to store your belongings during a period of transition or a place to help your free up some space in your home. To make sure you are optimizing keeping your belonging safe, you need to take a few extra steps. Here are some tips to ensure you are choosing the correct storage facility and packing your unit.

Choosing a reliable self storage facility:

  1. Choose a reliable self storage facility – It is important to choose a facility that has reviews and/ or past customer experiences, this can help prove a reliable track record.
  2. Start your search early – Finding a good storage facility can take time mare sure to know some key factors; size, prizing, security, and fees. If you are looking at a self storage facility, do not wait too long to reserve or rent as available can change from day to day.
  3. Have an idea of what you are going to store – Having an idea of what you are going to store can help you get a better understanding of what size unit you are needing.

Packing your unit:

  1. Label your boxes – Labeling your boxes can help you in the long run. If you plan on using storage for more than a couple months, it can help if you need to come and grab something from your unit and not have to search through all the boxes.
  2. Don’t store super valuable items – If it is something that you can’t afford to lose, we recommend not storing it in your storage. With using self-storage facilities there is always a risk, to be safe we recommend finding a different way to store your valuable items.
  3. Protect your items – Some self storage facilities sell items to help you protect items you are storing, we recommend properly wrapping and packing stored items.
  4. Get insurance – Some renters and/or homeowners insurance policies can cover personal property in storage. Getting insurance can give you extra protection of those items you are choosing to store at a facility.
  5. Ask for help – Moving can be difficult to do alone, asking those around you can help make things so smoothly and less stressful.

When storing your items remember to store smartly and follow some of the tips above, this can help give you the best storage experiences.

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Julia Lathan