Are you considering storing your item in a climate controlled unit? Here are some tips to help you choose if climate controlled units is what you are needing.

Why consider a climate controlled unit?

  1. It can keep your items in a comfortable controlled temperature range all seasons long – Since we live in the Midwest we experience all four seasons. We can experience the extreme heat to an ice cold winter within months of each other.
  2. Climate control is more than you think – When storing your items, we tend to think that climate controlled is just a certain temperature, but what we really offer is properly maintaining humidity controls through the seasons.
  3. Barrier between the real world and your stored items – Our climate controlled buildings have increased insulation to help prevent flooding, animals, and dirt.

Items we recommend storing in a climate controlled building:

  1. Electronics, DVDs, CDs, vinyl, and any other different types of media
  2. Paper documents and photographs
  3. Antiques and/or Collectables
  4. Wooden, metal, leather, or wicker furniture
  5. Artwork
  6. Musical Instruments

Milt’s Mini Storage offers a true climate controlled building to help keep your items in the best condition. We provide climate controlled buildings at our 3349 Keystone Drive, 2715 Chandler Road West, 3303 N 147th Street, and 3320 S 60th Street locations. For better information about our facilities please feel free to call today!