Burr it is getting cold outside, looking for places to store your RV and boat. Milt’s Mini Storage in Bellevue, NE has all the outdoor parking you need! Here are some tips to help make winter parking for your RV’s and boat’s easier:

  1. Clean and organize your RV or Boat – Cleaning your RV or boat should include storage compartments, windows, cooking areas, and any sleeping areas. This can help keep food from getting moldy and from animals coming into your RV or boat.
  2. Maintenance – Winter is a good time to look for anything that needs to be repaired or is needing to be undated. Look for leaks or damages and ensure that windows and doors are properly sealed.
  3. Remove, Empty, or Disconnect – Make sure to remove, empty, or disconnect all batteries and tanks of your RV or boat. Make sure refer to the owner’s manual of your RV or boat for recommendations.
  4. Cover & Protect – Covering and protecting your RV, boat, car, or trailer can help prevent any damage.

Milt’s Mini Storage offers 10’x20’, 10’x25’, and 10’x30’ uncovered outdoor parking and 12’x40’ covered outdoor parking with trickle charging. Milt’s Mini Storage is fully gated, provides 24-hour surveillance, and easily accessible. Outside parking special, if you pay for two months rent you can get the third month for $1, in-store special only!