If you are an artist, you know the challenges that come with protecting, storing, and organizing your art and your art supplies. One solution to helping you keep track of your art and supplies is a self storage unit. A self storage unit isn’t just for storing extra furniture or holiday items – they can be an easy solution for artist. Here are some tips when it comes to storing your art or art supplies and can help you create space in your studio.

  1. Organizing Your Supplies
    1. Extra supplies like notebooks, canvas, paint, brushes, and frames can become unorganized and clutter around your work space. A self storage unit is a perfect way for artist to keep their extra supplies safe and out of their work space. A climate controlled storage unit will help your art and supplies from getting ruined by the heat and moisture. If you are putting boxes with art supplies in a self storage unit make sure to label the boxes.
  2. Safely Store Your Art
    1. If your artwork is sitting around it can collect dust between your shows, a self-storage unit is a great way to keep your extra art safe and free up space. If you plan on selling or waiting for an artist fair, consider putting your artwork in a self-storage unit and you will be surprised how much more organized and free your home will be.
  3. How to Store Your Art
    1. Now that you know why it can be important to put your art and supplies in a storage unit, we can look over how to store your items so they do not become damaged.
      1. It is best to rent a climate controlled unit, with the climate controlled unit it will help protect your art form mold and the different seasons.
      2. Store your artwork in a large enough space, and keep your items propped up with pallets or more secured storage bins.
  • Make sure to cover your art properly, this can include draping a sheet over your artwork to prevent dust. We recommend not bubbling wrapping or newspaper because those can trap moisture and ruin your artwork.
  1. Keep a detailed inventory of what items you are storing; this can help you when you are looking for specific items for your next show.

The best part about self storage units for artist, is the peace in mind knowing that your artwork and art supplies are safe and organized. In general, when looking for a self storage unit, look for a climate controlled unit to protect your items from the different seasons. To learn more about storage for artist find a Milt’s Mini Storage near you in Omaha and Bellevue, NE and talk with our on-site live-in manager. Milt’s Mini Storage has all the necessary storage features including secured gate access, on-site live-in manager, security cameras, and affordable storage.

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Julia Lathan