Here come the next steps in life after high school and some tips on when to use self storage unit for you. College is an exciting time from trying to find your major to finding a place to get all your items between semesters. With the right storage facility, students can strategize from having the headaches of what to do with their items. Here are some reasons that self-storage is a college student’s best kept secret.

  • Summer and Winter Break
    • Take everything home from your dorm room can be a hassle and inconvenient during your summer and winter break. Self-storage doesn’t fully remove the process of packing and unpacking but it does help lessen the burden of having to move the same items every time. Don’t worry about getting tied down to a storage facility because many storage facilities offer month to month leases. They will have you covered whether you are only needing it for summer or winter break, with no more cramming items into your car. Storage facilities are here to make your breaks breezy with being able to keep your items close to you.
  • Studying Aboard
    • Getting the opportunity to study in another county is amazing, but that can bring to the table – what do I do with my college items? Putting your items in a storage unit is helping make sure that your items are secure and out of your family or friends way. Month to month leases help make sure you aren’t stuck paying for a storage when you don’t need it. Self-storage is cheaper than keeping your apartment or dorm for just storage purposes.
  • Transitioning Between Apartment/Dorms
    • One semester you are in a dorm, and the next, possibly moving into an apartment with roommates. Moving day can already be a headache, having a storage unit helps you move your items in stages. Self-storage facilities are here to help that process easier and help give your items a temporary home.
  • Decluttering Your Dorm Room or Apartment
    • Given the tight quarters in your dorm room, it can start to become cluttered faster without you realizing it. Between the textbooks, winter items, and some impulsive buys you start to notice it getting crowed. Picking a storage facility near you can help you grab the items you need.
  • Vehicle Storage
    • Are you tired of driving around campus to find a parking spot? Parking fees can also be a huge factor, the pricing keeps going up. There are storage options for all your vehicle needs. There are storage places with outdoor covered and uncovered parking for half the price of a parking permit at the school.

Self storage for college students just simply makes sense because it gives you the solution to keeping your items close. If you are looking for additional space, we recommend going over the basics of self storage and follow our tips. Milt’s Mini Storage can give you all the space you need for moving forward in the next phase of your life. Milt’s Mini Storage has all the necessary storage features including secured gate access, on-site live-in manager, security cameras, and affordable storage. Call today to see what storage units we have available!

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Julia Lathan