Are you starting to notice the overflow or trying to find new places to store your extra items? Are your hobbies, kid’s toys, and seasonal items starting to pile up anywhere you go? If this is happening to you, you may be in need of getting a storage unit. A storage unit can help you start gaining control of the clutter and getting your space back. Here are 5 signs that you are in need of a storage unit:

  1. You Can’t Find Anything
    • If you are on the hunt to find items around your home, that can become a clear sign that you are needing to get a storage unit. It can start to become impossible to store items in the right spot when it is getting taken up by something else. Renting a storage unit can help better organize and make it easier to locate your belongings when you need them.
  2. You’ve Stopped Opening Your Front Door
    • When the clutter starts to pile up, it can be hard to navigate through your home without stepping over piles of items. If you have stopped opening your front door because you are embarrassed about the state of your home, this can be a clear sign that you are needing a storage unit.
  3. Your Closets Are Overflowing
    • Are your clothes, shoes, or other items starting to take over every closet in the house? If so this can be an indicator that you are needing storage to help you become less cluttered and more organized. Renting a storage unit can give you home a new look by being organized, clutter free, and bringing your closets back to order.
  4. Your House Seems Small
    • All the clutter can make your house seem small and cramped. In some cases, your belongings can be so piled up that the people in your life can’t appreciate the space your home brings. If people are taken back by the small square footage of your home, this can be another sign to declutter and find a storage unit.
  5. Started Using Furniture for Storage
    • If you have noticed that you are storing items on your table or couch can be a signal that you are needing a storage unit. Renting a storage unit can prevent the misuse of furniture and provide a dedicated space for all your storage needs.

Take the time to go through your home and make your home feel much bigger than it is. Don’t let the clutter overcome you, you can start small and dedicate just 15 minutes a day decluttering. Whether you are getting started or picking up where you left off, this blog can help you understand the signs of needing a storage unit. Milt’s Mini Storage is here to help with your storage needs, whether you need help decluttering or finding a unit size that is perfect for you. Call today to see what we have to offer!

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Julia Lathan