Self-storage may be perfect for you if you have a small business, growing a business, running a nonprofit or even for a side hustle. Here are some benefits of getting a storage unit for your business:

  1. Less Clutter – If you are running your business in a small space or at home, it can be nice to have some much needed space for every day used items.
  2. Room to Expand – As you are planning to expand your business, self-storage can help with freeing up square footage by storing unnecessary things. Self-storage is also a great option if you are planning to downsize and store office equipment.
  3. Security Features –Self-storage’s provide added levels of security like secured gate access and surveillance footage.
  4. Space for your Inventory – If you have a retail company, you know the right balance of what items need to be stored or displayed. Self-storage can help you store the seasonal items or items you know will sell during each season.
  5. Convenience – Using a self-storage facility, you can have easy access to all of your businesses items, even though they are not stored at your business.
  6. Renovations – If your business is working on renovations, self-storage can help you store items you don’t want ruined by contractors.

Milt’s Mini Storage® has proudly served the Omaha Metro area for the past 45 years. We have provided safe and secure storage units to residential, commercial and business customers. We offer self-storage units, at a reasonable and fair price. All of our storage units are monitored 24/7 by cameras and are located in a gated area with perimeter alarms. Whether you are growing a business, running a nonprofit, or an owner of a small business, Milt’s Mini Storage® can help you save space!