Self-storage facilities are a convenient and cost-effective solution for your RV and boat needs. Self-storage facilities are not just for holiday decorations and extra furniture; they can often accommodate boats and RVs. Here are some tips to help make choosing a self-storage for your RV’s and boat’s easier:

  • Storage units and outside parking that will fit a boat or RV, if you already use a self-storage or in need of extra space opt for the larger size option:
    • A 20’x20’ drive up unit is a good fit for a Class A boat that is up to 15ft long.
    • A 10’x30’ drive up unit can work for a Class A, Class 1 boat, Class A RV up to 25ft long.
    • A 10’x25’ parking space is a good fit for a 25ft Class B RV’s.
    • A 12’x20’ parking space is a good fit for a Class A boat up to 15ft long.
    • A 12’x40’ parking space is perfect for a Class 1 boat up to 35ft long.
  • Cost of boat and RV storage, there are many variable factors into the final cost of storage for your RV or boat:
    • Location – It is important to make sure that the location where you want to store your items is in a good location. With a good location pricing can differ, ask the manager at the self-storage facility how the location is and the security measures taken.
    • Size – The larger the boat or RV you are storing, the larger the space you are going to need and the more it will cost.
    • Type – Pricing will vary depending on whether you choose a storage unit, outdoor uncovered parking, or outdoor covered parking

Milt’s Mini Storage in Bellevue, NE offers 10’x20’, 10’x25’, and 10’x30’ uncovered outdoor parking and 12’x40’ covered parking with trickle charging. Milt’s Mini Storage is fully gated, provides 24-hour surveillance, and easily accessible. Outside parking special, if you pay for two months’ rent you can get the third month for $1, in-store special only!