Today in the self-storage world, there are many types of storage units you can choose from. There are many factors when it comes to choosing a storage unit that works for you, you need to consider two primary ones first—climate controlled or not. The choice of your rented Milt’s Mini Storage unit will largely depend on the area you live in and the items you are choosing to store. We want to discuss some precautions that you should take if your storage unit does not have climate control:

  1. Use Air-Tight containers: While most people prefer to use cardboard boxes, air-tight containers are recommended if you are choosing not to go with climate control. The air-tight containers can help keep the moisture away and protect your valuables like books, apparel, and electronics from environmental elements.
  2. Dry Your Items: Moisture can cause huge trouble for your belongings, if not stored properly it can cause mildew and mold to grow. It can also attract pest like roaches, ants, and mice. It is crucial to thoroughly dry all your belongings before packing them.
  3. Pack Clothing Correctly: Wardrobe or air-tight boxes are recommended if you plan on storing clothing items. Wardrobe boxes are preferred for clothing because they are designed to keep your clothes safe from dust and humidity.
  4. Disassemble Furniture Pieces: Wooden articles can expand and contract with the temperature changing and humidity. Keeping them separated can prevent them from warping together. You can cover each piece individually to reduce the effect of environmental elements.
  5. Use Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil can produce a scent that mice do not like and make them stay away from your unit. We recommend putting a small amount on a cotton ball and storing it around your unit.
  6. Follow Facility Rules: Here at Milt’s Mini Storage we recommend not storing food, live plants, animals, open food containers, or gasoline. These items can put your unit and your neighboring units in jeopardy.

Milt’s Mini Storage® offers self-storage units, at a reasonable and fair price. All of our storage units are monitored 24/7 by cameras and are located in a gated area with perimeter alarms. We provide climate controlled buildings at our 3349 Keystone Drive, 2715 Chandler Road West, 3303 N 147th Street, and 3320 S 60th Street locations. For better information about our facilities please feel free to call today!