If this is your first time renting a self-storage unit, you will need to know the best option that meets your needs by looking at size, cost, and the type of space you will need. Here are some things you will need to know when renting a self-storage unit:

  1. What is a self-storage unit?

A self-storage unit is a dry and secured place that you can use to store your extra items. When using a self-storage facility, you will need to choose one according to your needs and budget. You will also need to keep in mind other factors including sizing, location, security, and cost that fit within your budget.

The Renal Process

  1. Selecting a storage facility – The first steps you need to take when renting at a self-storage facility is to select the facility you want to store your items at. When choosing a facility consider some of the following factors: security, location of the facility, type of facilities they offer, accessibility, and cost.
  2. Deciding what size and type of unit works best for you – When looking at different sizing options, it will depend on the type of items you are going to store. Things like furniture, electronic equipment, or vehicles you will need a bigger unit option. If you are needing to protect against the changing Omaha weather, try looking for a climate controlled unit.
  3. Rental Agreement – Once you have decided on the self-storage unit that works for you, you will then fill out a rental agreement that serves as proof of ownership of the rented space. Please read the agreement carefully before signing to avoid any problems later on, we recommend getting an extra copy of the rental agreement.
  4. Self-Storage Insurance – Getting insurance will protect your items from theft and damage, you can get insurance through your insurance company under homeowners or renters insurance.

Milt’s Mini Storage® offers self-storage units, at a reasonable and fair price. All of our storage units are monitored 24/7 by cameras and are located in a gated area with perimeter alarms. Call your local Milt’s Mini Storage® TODAY!